Ministry Recommendations

“We have known Pastors Ed and Beth Barnes since 1995 when they came to Indiana to begin Spirit of Life Church. Over the years they have remained wonderful friends to us. Their wisdom and knowledge of ministry has been a real asset to us many times over!

Pastors Ed and Beth have remained strong in the Lord, NEVER compromising the Word of God, or watering down His awesome message! They have been bearers of the Word of God faithfully, constantly, consistently, never wavering for all of these years. AND, before we even met them, they had many years in the ministry already! I guess a few words that would sum them all up are SUCCESS IN THE LORD!

They are always a delight! Always sharp and on top of it all! They are a real asset to any and all who meet them! Do yourself a favor – have them come to YOUR church!”

Pastors Bernie and Janice Samples
Hi Desert Word Center, Barstow, CA

“It is with honor and appreciation that I highly recommend to you the Teaching and Preaching Ministry of Ed and Beth Barnes. When I first met this couple I knew they were quality Christians but have since discovered they are also seasoned, anointed veterans in the work of Lord bringing forth a relevant message for today’s church. As you search and pray to schedule special guest, men and women of God who will make an effective lasting impact upon your church and ministry; my prayer is you’ll strongly consider inviting the Barnes for a service or a meeting; I know I have. Ed’s and Beth’s gifting of the Word, coupled along with their charisma and love for our Lord’s church, will without doubt, leave an indelible spiritual imprint upon many lives. Therefore, please accept these words as my reference of recommendation upon their ministry.”

Dr. Jesse D. Laney
Senior Pastor, Hosanna, Munford TN
ICFM Mid-East Regional Director

“I have known  Ed and Beth Barnes for the past thirty plus years.  Both in the ministry and as individuals.  I have found them to be honest, trustworthy, and of the kind of spirit that wants to help others in their needs.  Their integrity is without question.  Their ability to work with other people is superb.  I would recommend them without hesitation in any area of their expertise and there are many.”

Rev.Jerry Manning
Manning Ministries, Morganfield, KY


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