The theme of our ministry began thirty-five years ago and remains the same today. That theme is to teach victorious living through faith by proclaiming Jesus is Lord, His Word is absolute, and His Word has been sent to transform the life of the believer. We believe the central theme of God’s message is, “……have faith in God.” Mark 11:22. Paul also taught in Romans 1:17 “………the just shall live by faith.”

During the first seventeen years of our ministry, the Lord opened doors for us to minister throughout the United States. We were also blessed to minister in Canada, Dominican Republic, Finland, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, and South Africa.

Then the Lord directed us that a change was coming for our ministry, which was to begin a Word of Faith Church in Indianapolis, IN. So in obedience we began Spirit of Life Church and pastored there for seventeen years.

We have now entered Phase Three of our ministry.

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